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Chocs away - it's Christmas!

In late summer, most people are still emptying the sand out of their sandals and attempting to consume that 'delicious' local tipple they brought back, before giving in to the realisation that it just doesn't taste the same in the chilly British climate and shoving it to the back of the drinks cabinet.

But not the Ryeburn team. For them, summer means Christmas. Each year, production manager David Otterburn and chocolatier Andrew Feather spend the warmer months in the cool, temperature-controlled environment of the chocolate room, developing new flavours and products for the festive season.

And this year, Andrew has enjoyed the help of Leeds University, who got together with Ryeburn thanks to Deb Neeson at the Food Technology Advisory Service.

Deb Neeson worked with Andrew on developing the delicious Honey & Nougat with Amaretto Liqueur and the Christmas Spice flavours.

Andrew said: 'It was a very interesting and rewarding experience to work with the specialists at Leeds. I'm used to working alone in the chocolate room - just popping out from time to time to ask David to try out new flavours. The range we've developed really does represent the flavours of Christmas.'

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