Ryeburn of Helmsley
  Hand-Made Chocolates

A wide range of delicious flavours
Having established our reputation with our range of high quality, award-winning and imaginatively-flavoured ice creams, we were determined to apply the same philosophy to our chocolates.

Our Belgian-trained chocolatier Andrew Feather is also a chef of considerable repute and he has worked hard to refine a range that combines old favourites with new and sometimes startling - but always delicious - flavours.

All our chocolate comes from Belgium and is carefully selected to be of the very best quality we can find. Flavourings come from all over the place - depending on where inspiration strikes! The chillis that adorn our Chilli chocolates come from India; Amaretto is from Italy - but whatever the origins of our ingredients, we choose them because they're top quality.

Andrew makes all the chocolates by hand, on site, to ensure maximum freshness. When you're popping one of our sweet treats into your mouth, remember that every detail has been created by Andrew. There's no clanking army of anonymous machinery. Just a tiny, temperature-controlled room in Helmsley and a dedicated chocolatier. From developing new flavours, to tempering, to pouring the molten chocolate into the moulds, to decorating the tiny chocs, everything is done on site and by hand, to make sure every one of our products is perfect.

Hand-Made Chocolates

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